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Product Information

1.Name: Irregular Glass Bead

2.Size: 1-3 /3-6 / 6-9 / 9-12Mm

3.Color: Crystal / Clear / Copper / Caribbean Blue / Cobalt Blue / Light Blue / Black / Green / Red / Yellow

4.Material: Refined And Rounded Eco Fire Glass Beads

5.Recommended Uses:

* Swimming Pool

* Fountains & Spas

* Garden Decoration

* Landscape

* Planters / Flower Arrangements

* Aquarius / Water Features

* Other Creative Interior / Exterior Design


Very Clean, No Impurity, No Poison, No Smell, No Pollution, Totally Environmental Friendly

Very Smooth, Colorful And Durable For New Pools And Renovating Old Concrete Pools, Spas, Fountains & Water Features Etc..


One Of The Many Limitations Of Traditional Plaster Materials In Swimming Pools Is Lack Of Sparkle And Depth. This Is Precisely Where Glass Works Its Magic.

Whether In A Terrazzo-Like Or Exposed Aggregate Finish, Faceted Glass Chips Reflect And Illuminate Sunlight, Adding And Entirely Unique Dimension To Any Swimming Pool.

Almost Any Combination Of Colors Can Be Incorporated Either Alone Or In Combination With Traditional Pebbles Or Quartz.

And Because Glass Pebbles Don’T React With Harsh Swimming Pool Chemicals, It May Actually Extend The Life Of Your Pool.


* 25Kgs Per Poly Woven Bag Or Paper Bag, 40Bags Per Pallet;

* 10Lbs Or 20Lbs Per Pe Bag, Then Loading Into Paper Case And Pallet;

* As Per Customer’S Requirement