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1/2 Blue Colors High Reflective Fire Glass Particles


Each jewel-like chunk of this high quality glass is imbued with a deep blue color, reminiscent of the midnight sky, and infused with a luminous luster that will immediately become the focal point in whatever fire feature it is placed in. It may be used in indoor fireplaces to complement several surrounding shades and it will also look beautiful next to a pool in an outdoor fire pit.

All our fire glass is made from brand new glass that has undergone a unique 5-step manufacturing process which gives it its lovely shine and also allows it to withstand temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without sustaining any discoloration or damage. If used correctly, this fire glass can last your customers a lifetime.

Another great advantage of fire glass is that it does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, or soot, thus it is very easy to maintain and requires hardly any cleaning. What a wonderful way to beautify the surroundings and simultaneously hide those unseemly pipes and tubes that are sometimes visible in gas fireplaces!

If your customers love the outdoors, they are sure to love our midnight blue luster zircon fire glass!

1/2 Blue Colors High Reflective Fire Glass Particles